Roofing & Raceway Rehabilitation

JVS Restoration is fully insured to perform roofing and raceway rehabilitation projects throughout the tri-state region. Our roofing applications are for commercial, high-rise residential, condos and co-op buildings. We are certified with various roof manufacturers and are current with all state and local requirements.

Replacing a roof can be one of the largest capital expenditures a building owner will incur. Our roofing experts understand that many factors need to be taken into consideration to determine the most cost effective and practical solution for you.

JVS Restoration can either provide you with an evaluation and a recommended roof system for your building or provide you with associated costs based on specification generated by an architect/engineer of your choice.

Managing a roofing project can be a challenging task.  We understand the obstacles and concerns our customers have when renovating an occupied facility, which can involve physical limitations and often requires careful scheduling, and environmental sensitivity. We work with you to ensure your project is completed safely and in a timely manner with minimum disruption to your building operations.


  • Roof inspections
  • SBS, PMMA, TPO, EPDM and urethanes
  • Masonry repairs, through-wall flashing & waterproofing
  • Facilitate asbestos removal
  • Roof ventilation and drains
  • Slate and clay shingles
  • Metal roof repairs & protective coatings
  • Custom tapered insulation
  • Overburden installation of pavers and green roofs
  • Energy efficient roof systems
  • Custom copper and metal fabrication
  • Partial depth repairs
  • Full depth replacement
  • Steel rehabilitation & repairs
  • Long-term manufacturer bonded roof warranties (with our contractor’s personal guarantee)
  • Snow removal
  • Emergency on-call service – 24/7


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