Restoration & Waterproofing

Starting with a comprehensive inspection of your property either visually or by means of probing, JVS will then identify the cause of any structural defects and water infiltration.  We will then develop a repair method along with budget prices.

To achieve optimum beauty and lasting results, we utilize the latest restoration and maintenance techniques coupled with the finest materials for each unique job.  While considering a wide range of materials and repair methods, it is important to stay consistent with the original character of your building.

JVS’ certified waterproofing installers have completed waterproofing repairs and new installations throughout the tri-state region.  Our waterproofing installers are well versed in chemical grouting, grout injection, caulking, sealants, and various fluid applied systems, above and below grade interior and exterior applications for parking garage decks, sidewalk vaults,  balconies and terrace surfaces.


Performing a waterproofing project by means of excavation is not only very costly but creates an unsightly condition with disturbance to the building’s operation.  In today’s economy we understand the importance to have every tenant space occupied.  With this in mind we would evaluate

your condition and determine if curtain wall gel injection is an alternative and an advantage for you.

The process of curtain wall gel injection starts with mechanically drilling holes through the foundation wall then injecting the acrylate copolymer by means of an air compressed pump system creating a “Curtain Wall” monolithic waterproof  barrier.

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