Pedestrian Plaza & Sidewalk Vaults

Pedestrian Plazas are widely viewed to give character and value to your property and building.  The sidewalk, as we know, is utilized to escape the danger of the streets.  Sidewalk vaults carry the load of pedestrian traffic and elements of nature.  As they are pieces to the puzzle, and if not maintained and/or repaired it may cause serious injuries to the public and to the structural integrity, which may lead to lawsuits and violations.

Like facades and parking garages, water infiltration is one of many key factors responsible for the deterioration, cracks, and structural safety in plazas and sidewalk vaults.  It is critical and necessary for careful planning due to the complexities and dynamics of the waterproofing systems.  Our waterproofing methods are unique to each infrastructure so our experts adhere to the most common waterproofing system with the latest technologies. We can assess the life span of materials for your particular application and work with you to develop a plan of action to fit your budget.

JVS Restoration’ management team will spearhead the replacement and maintenance of your plaza and sidewalk of any size, in a safe, timely, and efficient manner.  We are compliant with city codes and will obtain all required permits, preventing liability costs and violations to the property managers and building owners. Our professionals are always on stand-by throughout the tri-state region.

In addition, we are sensitive to the disruption of your day to day building operation, so we are very conscientious of construction noise or access limitation.  We provide temporary pedestrian ramps for ease of access to your building entrance that are safe and convenient for your tenants.

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