Parking Garages

Whether a parking garage is exposed to the elements or covered, in both cases, they endure a significant amount of wear and tear most commonly due to physical stress and the deicing process.  Eventually, the waterproofing membrane will be compromised allowing water infiltration which is the leading factor of corrosion in steel.

This corrosion spreads like cancer creating degradation of the structural concrete and compromising the integrity of the steel members. When not detected in its earliest stages the remediation can be very costly and can create a dangerous condition.

The NYS legislature which includes engineering leaders is in the process of passing regulations mandating periodical inspections. This is why here at JVS we feel it’s imperative to have a preventive maintenance program in place. JVS Restoration provides a service to evaluate your structure and develop a recommended preventive maintenance program suitable to the structure as well as your needs.  This will maintain your structures integrity and prevent future exorbitant repairs while ensuring the safety of the occupants.

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