Facade & Local Law

Our façade restoration services include the rehabilitation of the exterior envelope for commercial, high-rise residential, co-op, historical and landmark buildings.

 Tasks performed are inclusive of and not limited to the repair and rehabilitation of stone and masonry replacement and pinning , GFRC& PCC units, terra-cotta, marble and granite curtain wall systems,  cornices, parapets, structural lintels, spandrel beams, columns, window replacement, complex waterproofing detail implementation,  sealant installation, expansion control, pointing, ornamental steel, balconies, terraces and storefronts.  With the completion of these disciplines, we restore the beauty and monumental value back to the property owners and developers.

We strongly recommend that your building should be periodically maintained by having a few tasks performed such as mild abrasive ecofriendly cleaning, pointing, sealant replacement, cleaning of weep holes and applying a protective coating. Not only will this revitalize and preserve your building as the jewel it once was, it will prolong expensive restoration and/or replacement cost for years to come.

To a greater extent, a façade restoration project has influence in reconditioning our booming community and in preserving our historical integrity as a whole.

JVS Restoration can help you achieve your short and long term goals no matter the complexity of the architectural surface and their structural components.

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